Welcome to Lane Head Aquatics

We offer a vast range of aquatic supplies, products, services and livestock to accommodate your Marine, Tropical, Coldwater and/or pond fish needs, including our well-stocked…

  • Marine fish, Coral & Reef areas
  • Tropical fish section
  • Cold Water fish section
  • African Cichlids section

As well as supplying top quality aquatic equipment such as..

  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Food
  • Gravel
  • Tank furniture & decorations
  • Lighting
  • RO (Reverse osmosis) water (salted if required)
  • Small Tanks

We also offer experience and knowledge of fish diseases and care, our staff are on hand to help you out with any question you wish to ask while in-store or we can take the stress and worry out of keeping your tank in tip-top condition with our regular maintenance packages which are tailor-made to the need of your individual fishes and aquariums.

All jobs are considered and our services are geared to ensure your fishes enjoy a healthy environment and the aquarium is in the best possible conditions at all times.

Contact Lane Head Aquatics for a hassle-free solution.